A farm with history

The extensive and fertile Valley of Agaete, on the slopes of the ridges of Tamadaba, belonged since the seventeenth century to the heritage of the Manrique de Lara family. In the mid-nineteenth century, it was Don Francisco Manrique de Lara who was in charge of providing the 173 hectares of Las Longueras with all the technological and agricultural advances of the time. The current building began to be built in 1895, under the design of the great Catalan designer Don Laureano Arroyo Velasco.


His grandson and new owner, Don Agustín Manrique de Lara y Bravo de Laguna, continued to enrich the hacienda, the building and its gardens, and finished the chapel providing it with historical goods, ornaments and a neo-Gothic altarpiece that was placed under the invocation of the Virgen de los Dolores.
Hotel Rural Finca Las Longueras
History - Las Longueras


In the tour of the interior of the house we contemplate the typical Anglo-Canarian furniture, implanted under the British influence in the islands throughout the nineteenth century. The walls are dressed by canvases by contemporary Canarian painters, highlighting works by the artists César Manrique, Pepe Dámaso or Manolo Ruiz.


Another of the peculiarities of the hacienda are its native gardens and its collections of cacti and strange species of the island flora. Walking along the long path of vines we observe varied fruit trees, emblematic poinsettias, tropical heliconias and orange orchards, flanked by shades of acacias and royal palm trees.
Hotel Rural Finca Las Longueras